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As fellow laborers with VIANOVA (Belgian Evangelical Mission est. 1919) living in Sint-Truiden,  Belgium, we endeavor to facilitate the establishment of a new community of Christ-followers who will faithfully incarnate Christ in their natural sphere of influence, make disciples of Jesus Christ and gather these Christ-followers in communities that will be God-honoring local expressions of the the Body of Christ.

Further, as fellow laborers with VIANOVA, we endeavor to participate in regional and national activities that will educate, stimulate and encourage Believers in Belgium to develop integrated communities that will develop faithful disciples of Christ.

To successfully partner with Belgians in the geographical area of Sint-Truiden to establish a new VIANOVA (Belgian Evangelical Mission est. 1919) project that will effectively incarnate Christ in our local community, disciple new followers of Christ and ultimately gather these disciples together into ;geographically focused communities of believers who will passionately know Christ and make Him known while living out the foundational values of INCARNATION, COMMUNITY, PARTICIPATION and JOURNEY.  

Serving in partnership with Belgians to equip Belgians to become spiritually mature and to take the Good News of the Gospel to the world!

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